Top 10 Quotes of Salim Ghauri (CEO& Founder Netsol Technologies)

Mr. Salim Ghauri

About Salim Ghauri:

Mr. Salim Ghauri is a renowned IT Entrepreneur recognized globally today. He is the founder and CEO of NetSol Technologies (1996). He is also the author of his book “Ghauri”. His Interest in IT over years of IT expertise developed at Saudi Arabia and Australia in his previous years, urged an entrepreneurial thrust for his motivation. In This post we will share Top 10 Quotes of Salim Ghauri.

Top 10 Quotes of Salim Ghauri:

  1. Sometimes a minute of compassion is worth more than an hour of wisdom shared.
  2. Forge relationships with people who give you good advice and want the best for you.
  3. Acknowledge a talented employee. Let him know his worth to you and your company.
  4. Having a business idea is only the start. Knowing how to execute a plan is the difference between success and failure.
  5. Network continuously—not just when you want something. People judge you as insincere if your contacts are linked to a favor asked.
  6. Don’t let your ego make your business decisions. More often than not, you will be led in the wrong direction.
  7. Watch a child at play. Notice his laser focus on his favorite toy. You need that kind of intensity as an  entrepreneur.
  8. Be upbeat when meeting with customers. A down appearance falsely signals tht ur company has problems. Not a good selling point.
  9. Thinking an MBA will get business success is like watching a cricket match, thinking you will receive a contract to play.
  10. Customers will buy what they want, not what you want to give them. Listen to what they tell you.

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