Another MileStone for RiseMom


About  RiseMom:

RiseMom is one of the best startup In Pakistan. In Pakistan many organizations are working on women empowerment and Pakistan is experiencing rapid increase in women joining the workforce. A vast majority of these women are mothers, often worried about their children left at day cares. This is especially true for single mothers, parents or especially in cases where both spouses work. The natural anxiety for your child is escalated when they are left in someone else’s care, constantly nagging your conscience.

Every mother wants satisfaction regarding her child’s wellbeing and happiness, however for working women it is not possible to stay connected with their kids while at work. Due to these reasons 60% of women leave their professional careers when they have kids. It is to address these fears, concerns and ensuring peace of mind for Mothers that Rise Mom is stepping in!

Another Milestone for RiseMom:

RiseMom happily announces the partnership with School of Cordoba and Daycare center. Through our live video services, you can stay connected with your child while being at work and get notification for different activities throughout the day: like your child is sleeping, has eaten lunch, ETC. Rise Mom services are now available in F-8, I-8, G-11 and Gulzare Quaid Rawalpindi.

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