An eye upon Salim Ghauri Quotes About Business

Mr. Salim Ghauri
Mr. Salim Ghauri

Today we will give an eye upon some of Mr. Salim Ghauri Quotes (CEO and founder Netsol) About Business.

Salim Ghauri Quotes:

  1. In business, you may be on the fast track but your competitor may have found the passing lane. Always watch your market. -Salim Ghauri

  2. Cherish family time. Like everything else, things change: Children grow up, we grow older. Capture the sweet times when you can. -Salim Ghauri

  3. In negotiations, care but not too much. Be prepared to engage in discussion but also be able to walk away. It is a delicate balance. -Salim Ghauri

  4. Expect the worst and plan for it. Then be pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t happen .-Salim Ghauri

  5. One of the best ways to discover both talent and problems is to abandon your office often. I call it “management by walking around. -Salim Ghauri

  6. As your business grows, you will need time to think about your next steps. It is hard to do with all the noise of ongoing work. -Salim Ghauri

  7. In today’s international market, get used to working in many time zones. You can’t sleep during your customer’s work day. -Salim Ghauri

  8. The more you comprehend the less you speak and when you speak it’s for those who can comprehend! –Salim Ghauri

  9. Know customers’ business cycles—when new budgets are approved. Get face time with them just before and after spending decisions are made. –Salim Ghauri

  10. When just starting, you may reduce your profit margin to get business. But start working toward a higher profitability quickly. -Salim Ghauri

  11.  Make a list of what WILL make you happy. 30 years later, make a list of what MADE you happy. Not the same at all .-Salim Ghauri

  12. Entrepreneurs get wrapped up in their dreams and let go of what is readily in their grasp. Dream with focus on your current business.-Salim Ghauri


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