13 Best Seekh Kebab Spots In Karachi


Seekh Kebabs are a barbecue specialty in Pakistan and Karachi offers some of the best places to get your fix from. The kebab is also known as reshmi kebab if its made with chicken. Combined with imli chutney, raita, and naan, its the  perfect feast for a dinner out.

So here are some of the be places to enjoy seekh kebab with your piping hot naan breads at:

Bar.B.Q Tonight

Bar.B.Q Tonight specializes in Afghani and Pakistani cuisine. It’s one of the giants of the Karachi barbecue scene and its seekh kebab is one of the best you can ever have in the city. The flagship restaurant in Clifton is the best place to experience it. Make sure you book a table on the rooftop because it’s not easy to get one on any single day if you don’t do it beforehand.

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Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kebab House

Ghaffar Kebab House is a Karachi favorite for many years. A go-to place is the original Tariq Road location and it offers delicious seekh kebabs and it’s also quite economical. You can sit down or have it packed for home. Ghaffar been around for a long time and the quality has remained consistent.

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Jahangir Merath Kebab House

While some people may prefer the original “Meerut” in Gurumandir area of Karachi, but Jehangir Merath Kebab House on Tipu Sultan still packs quite a punch. I’ve grown up eating the seekh kebabs there and it still tastes delicious even today.

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Zameer Ansari

Zameer Ansari is one of the premiere barbecue places in Karachi outside of the Defence and Clifton area. There, you can enjoy seekh kebabs on the roadside, in the family hall, or in your car. Either way, you will be longing for another round once you’ve devoured  your first plate of kebabs.

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Al Haaj Bundoo Khan

Al Haaj Bundoo Khan in Sindhi Muslim is home to amazing barbecue. It’s one of the oldest restaurants in the area. You can enjoy seekh kebabs roadside or in their hall. The real fun is roadside but your mileage may vary.

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Kolachi Do Darya/ Ocean Mall

Kolachi, at Do Darya as well as Ocean Mall, is foodie heaven. The service and food is almost untouchable by any other establishment in the city. We prefer the seaside location of Do Darya but the Ocean Mall one is equally good in terms of service and taste. While it’s known more for its karahi dishes, it’s seekh kebabs are just out of this world. One should definitely try the hunzaikebab (a variation of the seekh kebab) on their next trip to Kolachi.

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Ambala Do Darya

Ambala is situated in the same strip as Kolachi. It’s debatable whether it’s as good as its neighbor but for food quality alone, Ambala is quite good. The seekh kebabs are a must-have item on the menu. Along with the seaside ambiance, it’s one of the nicest places for barbecue in the city.

via: Ambala Corniche Do Darya/ Facebook

Noorani Kebab House

Noorani on Tariq Road is known more for katakats but barbecue lovers will totally enjoy the seekh kebabs. It’s a nice place for roadside eating or better yet have it delivered to the car.

via: Noorani Kebab House/ Facebook

Cafe Frontier Boat Basin

Boat Basin is the ultimate food strip in Clifton. It’s home to barbecue places and one of my favorites is Cafe Frontier. It’s unique in a way that you have the option to eat sitting on a charpaiwhile relaxing with your buddies and enjoying delicious seekh kebabs.

via: Cafe Frontier/ Facebook

Shaheen Shinwari

This eatery is situated on the Hyderabad motorway and while it can be a long commute, i’ts worth it just to enjoy the awesome barbecue. While the menu is full of amazing barbecue dishes, the seekh kebab is a favorite. If you and your friends feel like a road trip, the do plan one to enjoy the barbecue at Shaheen Shinwari.

via: Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant/ Facebook

Dua Restaurant

Dua, in the Clifton area, has reopened recently and we hope that the quality of the food remains the same. Whether you get the beef seekh kebab or reshmi kebab, its a treat both ways. Last time I visited the place, I was with my friends enjoying some delicious kebabs sitting on a charpai. I hope to revisit that place once it reopens. It’s also opening soon at Hill Park. That place used to be very happening in the 80’s and 90’s and perhaps Dua’s opening may give Karachiites a reason to make the area popular again.

via: Dua Restaurant/ Facebook

Lal Qila Restaurant

Lal Qila is designed to look like a fortress from the Mughlai era and its a beautiful place to dine in. It’s nicely located in the service lane of Main Sharae Faisal in Karachi. Known for its barbecue and other various cuisines, it’s a great place for families to relax and enjoy some excellent food. On its Sunday brunch menu, you can enjoy delicious reshmi kebab  and we must say it’s divine!

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Waheed Hotel Burns Road

Burns Road is the ultimate paradise for foodies in Karachi. Foodies from all over the city come to enjoy the best kebabs, tikkas, and bun kebabs. Waheed Hotel/ Kebab House at Burns Road is famous for barbecue and its seekh kebabs are to die for.

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Barbecue spots in Karachi serving seekh kebabs are dime a dozen and we’ve picked out 13 of our favorites. If we missed out any of yours, do let us know in the comments.

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